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Air cleaning type ERV

4 stages air cleaning system for filtering ultrafine dust

and antibacterial effects.

▣ Limitations of air purifiers

Air purifiers has limits on removal of various contaminants and carbon dioxide that are generated continuously and on providing sufficient oxygen supply from outdoor, although it can be used to suspend fine dust and deodorization etc.


- Therefore, the basic way to remove various pollutions indoor is  ventilation.

Additionally, air purifiers can be used, but to double the effect, ventilation must be carried out too.


- In this case, to save energy, mechanical ventilation is required to recover the waste heat,

while the incoming air must be sufficiently filtered into the room.

▣ 4 stages air cleaning system applied
4(3) stages air cleaning system applied
▣ Filter Performance

Pre Filter

Deodorization Filter

HEPA Filter

Antibiotic Filter

Deodorization Filter

HEPA Filter

 ※ Filter performance test is of KCL, and may differ depending on different environments 

 ※ The filter image may differ in real.

 ※ The type of filter may be changed to improve the product's rating and performance standard

결로방지형 전열교환기

Energy Recovery Ventilator

▣ High efficiency energy saving system

TIC Corporation's ventilation heat exchange system uses a special heat exchange equipment to saves over 70% of the wasted heat energy emitted outdoor and recycles for indoor heating. In contrary, it cools the incoming air primarily, thus saving the wasted energy. It is high efficient heat exchanging typed every recovery ventilation system.

▣ Anti-condensation heater

By adopting special energy-saving heater that consumes less than 60W, excessive electricity fee burden can be reduced and there is no risk of fire due to overheating.

▣ Bypass function

In spring and autumn, ventilation is provided through the BYPASS duct to increase the life of the heat exchanger and to save energy by natural cooling effect using outdoor air.

▣ Product Details
▣ Product overview
▣ Product Specification
공기청정형 전열교환기

Pre Filter

결로방지형 댐퍼

환기장비 결로저감 성능향상 

▣ 제품 필요성

-. 겨울철 실내·실외간 과도한 온·습도차로 인하여 환기시스템 장비 및 플렉시블 호스내에 발생된는 결로의 예방 조치

▣ 제품 특징

-. 공기층 구조의 댐퍼 바디 및 슬리브를 통한 댐퍼의 벽체매립 효과

-. 다중 공기층 구조의 댐퍼 블레이드

-. 고온 다습한 실내공기와 저온의 실외공기와의 접점(댐퍼)간 열전달을 최소화하여 결로 예방

-. 실내인입 벽체와 덕트 연결부의 미관을 고려한 마감링 구조의 슬리브

-. 기존의 환기시스템 장비의 구조 변경이나 벽체매립을 위한 별도 조치없이 설치 가능



▣ 제품 설치

-. 기존의 환기시스템 장비의 구조 변경이나 벽체매립을 위한 별도 조치없이 설치 가능

(1안) 장비측 SA,RA 플랜지 및 실내인입 벽면 각각 병행하여 설치

(2안) 선택시에는 실내인입 벽면부착형으로 설치 권장

 ※ 실제 세대에서의 결로발생 여부는 세대환경 및 환기장비 가동 조건(온도·습도, 가동 시간, 장비실 온도)에 따라 달라질 수 있음



결로방지형 댐퍼
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